Refunding the value of ticket validated for Estonian Air with an OV code, terms and conditions

For ticket value refund you must fill the refund application on page

A separate application must be filled for each individual ticket, including tickets issued for children.

The application is forwarded to the travel agency automatically via web.

Ticket price is refunded in the original value regardless of the date of flight, unless the passenger is issued a new ticket or if the passenger does not accept the new ticket offered (by the travel agency for flights during first three days after cessation of Estonian Air operations) and declines the new ticket offer.

Rules for refund of the connecting flight(s) tickets are following: any part of the trip that carries the code of any other airline will not be refunded, refund is applicable only for ticket with an OV (960) code.

For ticket refund, the passenger or person who has bought the ticket for the passenger must confirm to the travel agency handling the refund request the following:

  1. if the ticket has been bought with a credit card, (s)he has to confirm that (s)he has not ordered the card issuing bank to stop the order, cancel or return the payment due to services purchased not delivered; nor has (s)he any intent to issue such an order;

  2. the person has not received any insurance indemnity for the ticket price of the cancelled flight and the person has no right to file for such indemnity from the insurer in the future. The person may, however, file a claim with the insurer for other unforeseen costs that incurred in relation with the cancelled flight;

  3. the person agrees to receive the refund to the bank account, which was used to purchase the ticket. If that bank account cannot be submitted (i.e. credit card transactions) the applicant must enter the bank account number, where the refund should be transferred. Travel agency shall use the provided details to ensure whether it is sufficiently proved that the person has paid for the ticket.

In addition, the application must be supplemented with a document proving the payment, i.e. copy of payment, account or credit card statement. If the applicant cannot provide proof of payment, the person will not be refunded.

In refund process the proof of payment document should match the amount paid for ticket. If the applicant has purchased a package travel and provides proof of payment (or a legal entity provides summary invoice that reflects the full amount paid for the services), this proof of payment will be accepted, however refund applies only for the original price of OV-code ticket.

Refund does not apply for a legal entity, whose application is based on facilitating travel service or related service (i.e. transfer or payment to the carrier) to the passenger; or to a legal entity that provides its services as a trader.

A legal entity is entitled for a refund, if the payment for travel service is not related to providing travel services or related services. In such cases a sufficient proof to accommodate application is employment contract or contract for services.

Refund payment will be made within 30 days after receiving all required information and data, starting from 11th of December 2015. The refund payment is made in euros, unless some objective reasons will make return in euros impossible. The refund cannot be received in cash payment.